quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2010

Old Marketing vs New Marketing

Grande post de reflexão sobre as velhas convenções do marketing tradicional via Chris Bogan

We tend to follow a lot. It’s easier. There’s drafting that happens, where we can get behind the work someone else did and let that take us to our destination. We do what came before. We shift it to the new thing with very few changes. The problem? We fall into the “looks like everything else” category, and/or the “doesn’t work the same way, but we’ll force it” category.
Why is there a late night TV crisis in American television? Why are we worried who sits at what desk with which band interviewing who from behind what desk? It’s all the damned same, only some folks do it better than others.
And then?
Marketing. Old marketing would be: find buyers for my product. Hunt them down and relentlessly hit them with messages until they buy. The bigger the number of prospects, the better the yield.
New marketing. New marketing is more like: find people who make more sense. Start relationships with them before selling them. Learn more about them. Make the offer if it makes sense. The social in social marketing would suggest that you care a bit about humanity, not that you’re using new pipes for old shit.
And that’s just one way to think about it.
Ask yourself: are you following the same old conventions?

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